Kinder through to Year 12 Education
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Middle and Secondary School

Middle School

Middle School is a stepping stone that creates a smooth transition from Primary to High School, catering for this unique stage of a child's development.

We realise the adolescent years can be challenging.  Holding children's attention and academic focus takes Christian teachers and staff that are dedicated to knowing their students, as well as their circumstances, interests, strengths and needs.  Our Middle School comprises Years 7 and 8 with students receiving the vast majority of their teaching from a core team of only six or seven teachers.  These teachers develop an excellent understanding of individuals, enabling them to adjust the curriculum to meet the needs of all students, and especially those who struggle with adjusting to a new phase of education.  This small number of teachers means that pastoral care is enhanced and nobody gets 'lost' as they make the transition from Primary School.

It also allows for thematic approaches to learning in which different subjects are blended together, as happens so effectively in Primary classes.

Middle School is an ideal transition zone, releasing students into the more specialised teaching characteristic of Years 9 to 12.

During these first years of Secondary schooling each child is encouraged to discover their God-given potential, developing work and study habits vital for their senior schooling years.

Students enjoy a varied curriculum of core subjects arranged to work together in thematic studies across subjects, along with a range of electives.  The latter enables students to make more informed decisions when making High School subject choices.


Secondary School

"I love having the opportunity to work with children and families in these critical adolescent years- the age where students are forming their identity, maturing and starting to develop a clear picture for the rest of their lives.  We have the opportunity to build on the Primary years, growing and then developing the life skills and personal attributes for both the TCE and, more importantly, their life beyond".  Tim Wilson, Head of Secondary


We strive to treat our students as individuals, framing education around their own personal development.  We believe this is critical for students to catch a picture for their future that will help them build a vision for life.

High School should be a time of:

  • Personal growth
  • Challenges and opportunities
  • Developing the whole student within a strong academic program
  • Maturing of life skills
  • Equipping for a life of Godly service