Kinder through to Year 12 Education
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Vision Statement, Mission Statement and Core Values

We seek for our Mission Statement to inform all those in our community of the unified direction of what, how and why we come together to educate in a Christ centred school.


Vision Statement

Leighland Christian School strives to be a loving Christ Centred Community demonstrating a vibrant faith and commitment to God's Word. 

We are dedicated to educational excellence and seek to encourage each individual to explore and pursue their God given potential, inspiring a lifelong passion for learning and serving. 


Our Mission Statement

Learning and serving together in Christ


Our core values help give us direction and purpose in achieving our mission.  We encourage you, whether a current or prospective parent, to consider our core values.  As a parent in the School we encourage you to hold us to account that we are seeking and holding to these values.  As a prospective parent we encourage you to ask us how we use values in the day-to-day life of our School.

Our Core Values

  • Using a biblical perspective to nurture Christian values.
  • Seeking educational richness and diversity.
  • Working in close partnership with parents and carers.
  • Developing the God-given potential of individuals.
  • Pursuing truth with transparency and integrity.
  • Promoting grace, respect and dignity.
  • Building strong Christian character traits.
  • Demonstrating faith, hope and love.